събота, януари 29, 2011


So the blog had a full make-over! (:
I really love the blackground graphic and it took me about 20 mins! :O
Also there is a new "header".

What do you think about this?

Header for The Rarest People on Stardoll

Header for Ruubin ^.^

вторник, януари 25, 2011



I had to do this long time ago. EssRox copied my graphic. No, excuse me, she credited me. See those liitle white letters? They say Plami161.

Looks familiar? It has to. This is the banner I made for Jenna, which won SMW's banner comp. She said she "was experimenting with the dodge, burn and blur tools". Holy shit, she did. And honestly? I'm amazed how bad it can look. I wrote a comment on the graphic saying that it's not hers. And guess what - disabled comments. How smart. Now she claims that she didn't said it's hers. And she didn't. But, come on, think about it - it's on her graphics blog, with no credit to another person. ( I don't count the little white name for credit, sorry. ) So everybody thinks she made it.

And yes, I'm harsh. I'm totally and absolutely pissed off. And then - ta-daah, she copied Razorkissedlips' graphic. No, sorry, not just one, two of them. See Emily's post on her blog - http://emilysdoodles.blogspot.com/

To be honest, I never thought that my graphics are going to be copied. Oh well. Should I be flattered?

събота, януари 22, 2011

Venus Couture Spoiler

A huge thanks to all the fab people who posted this on their blog!
This means a lot for me! =]

четвъртък, януари 20, 2011

I was just so bored. -.- So I started looking at my blog's archive and I found that:

The fisrt pic is takedn on January, 2010 and the second one is taken after I changed my doll today (: I have changed a lot for 1 year :D What do you think - before or after?

вторник, януари 18, 2011

TSS background

Backrgound for The Stardoll Shiner. Patrick is the model, obviously :D
The grass is um...pretty awful. Not a fan of the hand, either. But I like how the hair and skirt turned out. Even the shoes are okay-ish :D

Click for bigger image. What do you think?

вторник, януари 11, 2011


Sorry for the crapy title, I had nothing else in mind -.-

I was looking ar reira422's graphics blog and I when I saw the name on the graphic I was like... OMG! That's me, that's me, that's me!
I was going to be in a magazine! xD

Don't you think I look fab? xD Thought this is a very old look of mine...I don't even rememer looking that way!

Big props to reira422 for creating this great graphic! What do you think?

понеделник, януари 10, 2011

Banner for Jenna

I have forgotten about this one xD But I think I love how it turned out. It was supposed to be a Chrismas one but...there's nothing very "Christmas" in it except the red&gold colors.

PS: It won the Stardoll's Most Wanted Personal Banner comp! ^^ I'm so happy!

събота, януари 08, 2011

Price List

New Year, new blog, new graphics...and a new price list. This year I'm not making things free. I learned the hard way that I can't have 10 graphics and recieve a huge nothing. No, this year will be different.

Blog header: 20sd for 1 pose, extra 10sd for second pose and so on
Writer signature: 10sd
Blog backround: 15sd
Magazine page: 20sd

Too cheap? Too expencive? Tell in comments. I want to hear your opinion.

I'll also add this as a page and maybe in the slidebar.

PS. Excuse the blog design, I know it sucks. I'm changing it atm.

четвъртък, януари 06, 2011

NO H8 Graphic

Had to post that earlier, but...oh well.
This is a graphic of Patrick posing for NO H8. :P
I really love this one! The only thing I dont like is the neck, I feel like there's something wrong with it...probably because there is something really wrong with it.

събота, януари 01, 2011

Let's see...

...what I have done until now.

Now, on the 1st day of 2011, I'm going to write down everything done in the period 3.X.2010 - 1.I.2011.

Yesterday I made this graphic for the amazing organiza
tion NO H8. I fell inlove with the idea and I decided that I just have to do a graphic for it. I really love how it turned out - the hair, hand and the face itself. I hope you like it, too!

Banner for larsa_gurl. I really like how the hair turned out, I think I'm getting better in drawing it. (Am I?) I also like the lace thing, that I actually put because the backround was too...plain.

I really don't like how this turned out. Those are my first attempts to draw hair and I think I failed. I don't like the clothes or the poses... and I put so much effort in it!

Not proud of this one, either. I didn't have to draw hair and background. I don't really like how the clothes look, I only like the coat. To see the real size go to http://stardoll-i-my.blogspot.com/

Happy New Year!

First of all, Happy New 2011 Year to everyone!

^picture not made by me

Second, I have decided that this year I will be way more active on here. From now on I'll post for every new graphic that I make and for every new project of mine.

Also soon the blog will get a makeover. Something fresh, something different.