събота, януари 08, 2011

Price List

New Year, new blog, new graphics...and a new price list. This year I'm not making things free. I learned the hard way that I can't have 10 graphics and recieve a huge nothing. No, this year will be different.

Blog header: 20sd for 1 pose, extra 10sd for second pose and so on
Writer signature: 10sd
Blog backround: 15sd
Magazine page: 20sd

Too cheap? Too expencive? Tell in comments. I want to hear your opinion.

I'll also add this as a page and maybe in the slidebar.

PS. Excuse the blog design, I know it sucks. I'm changing it atm.

3 коментара:

  1. I really want a banner for my blog. I know it's 20 SD, but I can't find anything in the gift shop for Non-Superstars except for the Hi Cupcake.

  2. Please make me a header for my blog and a personal banner (like NOH8 edition or like Jenna's) What it's cost? I will pay them. Thank you, KnqsDoll.

  3. Im Looking for A Blog Banner. my Username is bracken1234. please contact me if you would do one for me thank you :D x