сряда, юни 30, 2010

Heyy im lilylau the new blog writer
on my previous pictures and this one i have little white lines around the characters but now i know how to remove them sp there will not be any more x
ths is my latest graphic
i was told to put a block colour background but for this one i didnt XD

вторник, юни 29, 2010

New graphic desginer

Heyyy im called Lilylau on stardoll
i asked to come and help out with this wonderful blog <3
and i was accepted
so here is my first graphic , x

New header

So here is the new header. Like it? Just don't look at the nose and everything is going to be pretty, huh?


So, here is the third dress. I have more ideas, but probably more dresses won't be coming soon.

сряда, юни 23, 2010

Another one...

The same - hair and dress by me.

вторник, юни 22, 2010

Here Again

I drew the dress and hair. I'm very proud, i think I'm pretty good at drawing with mouse.