сряда, август 25, 2010

Two headers

Long time no graphics, huh?
So here are two headers. Which one is your favorite?

Tell me in comments or vote Great for the first one and Yes for the second one. I like them both and i don't know which one i should put in the blog.

събота, август 07, 2010


When you vote with UGLY, please explain why, what's wrong with the graphic, what can I improve?
I was very surprised when I saw a UGLY vote for my latest graphic.
Please next time write a comment saying whats wrong, it won't hurt, i promise.

вторник, август 03, 2010


New graphic! Oh it took me 6 hours but I really like it! Model is Fatooni. The hair is from i-dressup and looks horrible, the shoes sucks too but I love it XD.