вторник, август 23, 2011


Felt like posting it here :D
Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop for lineart and coloring,
2b mechanical pencil for sketch,
approx 5h

събота, май 14, 2011

A request

Please don't ask me to make your graphics in the comments section. Please. I get enough of them in my Guestbook anyways.
Any comments with graphic request will be deleted.
I will answer you on SD, it may take me some time, because I don't log in frequently (my friend does) but I will answer.


събота, април 09, 2011

New header

Can anyone guess who she is? (:

понеделник, март 21, 2011

Update time?

I guess so.

Dare copy those.

неделя, февруари 20, 2011

Header for Sky Stardoll

I haven't posted in a while, have I?
Nothing much to say about this one, really. :/

Ps.: I apologise to the people who asked me for a graphic and haven't recieved it yet. Lately I was so busy with real life and I was unable to do graphics.
If you have ordered a graphic, please note me and I'll make it and send it to you asap.
Sorry again.

Pps: I had to post this song. I love it so much!