петък, февруари 26, 2010

Music Addicted

What can I say? I LOVE MUSIC! I think this is my best ever graphic! What do you think?Headphones can be found Here. Hair by Roiworld.

четвъртък, февруари 25, 2010

Blue Passion

WOW! I'm very happy that I can post! No tests coming soon! I made graphic with my favorite dress on stardoll. I really like the simple model and the blue colors! I think that the make-up is very successful. I didn't found the hair that I was looking for, but that's not so important.

сряда, февруари 24, 2010


I'm really sorry, but it seems like I can't post anymore. I have really a lot of tests and school work, and troubles with my Photoshop. I hope someday to find free time and to open it again!

петък, февруари 12, 2010

Vampire Stardoll

With thins graphic I want to show the dark side of Stardoll. They, just like vampires, are always "hungry" for your money, and if you want to have more fun on stardoll, you just have to "feed" them. They make you remember that, showing thousands of windows, saying "Become a Superstar". The last stupid thing they did was making Superstar hairs. I believe, that I'm not alone with this idea.

Credits: hair by roiworld.They have some very good ones, but nothing different from i-dressup.com. Everything else - by Stardoll.

четвъртък, февруари 11, 2010


Well, it's not a graphic, this is a banner that I made today. It's for the Detective Stardoll blog.I don't usually use Roiworld hairs, but I think this is a very good one. I like it very much, but I'm curious for you opinion, so, share it, please! =]

Credits: hair by roiworld, face by stardoll.

сряда, февруари 10, 2010

BabyPhat Bags collection

Hello! This is the firs part of the edition graphics with BabyPhat bags. I really like these bags and I think they deserve my attention! :D Hope you like it as mush as I.

Credits: everything from stardoll, only the nails were did in Photoshop.

неделя, февруари 07, 2010

Lucky.bug2 make-over

I love her medoll and her earrings! I did the whole make-up just because the earrings! I totally love them! Visit her!

Pink sunshine

I did this graphic long time ago, but I decided to publish it today. I like it very much, so I have blue "recolor" of it. My favorite thing is the hair from i-dressup.com.


This is the doll Yemaya with hair from i-dressup.com. I haven't got published long time ago, but today, when I sat on the computer, I wanted to create something and this is the result! Hope you like it!